Bones Culture musical collaboration collective

Bones Culture is an international musical collaboration collective. Started as a tee shirt line by Benjamin Oaks & Josh Grove in West Chester, PA (at what was Dischounds) around 2006. It then quickly became the name of a hiphop backing band for emcees around the Philly, West Chester & Wilmington, DE areas (with the addition of Shorty on drums & Benjamin Oaks on mostly bass).

In 2010 Benjamin began a feature heavy heavy that became 'The Full Effect'.  The first Bones Culture compilation. Which featured mostly artists from South-Eastern Pennsylvania (with a few from Delaware & VC Kristi from Germany/Poland). It was coordinated mostly by Nick the Blacklisted with production being handled by Benjamin Oaks. Beats we mostly made on the spot with the featured artists- brought to the studio by Nick.

In 2012 BenOaks launched a Craigslist ad in most major United States of America cities. After hundreds of submissions a few collaborations were born. With the most notables being 66notes, JC Cordaro, Daytym (fka LDK), Gentle Jones, James Brown iii, im$yd, Starranko & Devy Dev Dev.

This resulted in the "SAMSARA" compilation.

In 2020 Bones Culture added Jefferson Ambrose, JMissy & PINK i! & this relaunched our brand! We also have 2 new coproducers! Dr. Baxter (Ben Roth of Sleepy Limbs, kids & The Kaleidoscope) & Grammy-winning Jesse Clark (of Station One Center for the Arts).

See our new videos & songs at: